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DOBSON — An Ararat couple and their teenage daughter were arrested Monday  after county narcotics officers raided their home and discovered a  methamphetamine operation — for the second time this year.

Sheriff Graham Atkinson said Donald Ray Beck, 43, and Angela Henley Beck, 41,  both of 109 Charles Beck Lane, were arrested after allegedly resuming  methamphetamine sales from their home.

The couple were first arrested on Jan. 4, when Surry County narcotics  officers raided a methamphetamine lab at their home. At the time of their second  arrest, the couple were free on a $150,000 bond.

<p>Donald Ray Beck</p>

Donald Ray Beck

<p>Angela Henley Beck</p>

Angela Henley Beck


“We served a search warrant at their home on Monday,” Atkinson said. “Between  the time of their arrest in January and Monday they had been investigated for  selling methamphetamine from their residence, where we found a bulk producing  meth lab earlier this year.”

The sheriff said deputies served a search warrant at the home Monday and  found additional methamphetamine in the home, packaged for sale. A handgun also  was discovered during the second search.

Beck and his wife were charged with two counts of possession with intent to  sell and/or deliver methamphetamine, the sale and delivery of methamphetamine,  conspiracy to sell and/or deliver methamphetamine, two counts of maintaining a  drug house, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bond on this second arrest was set at $300,000 each.

Their daughter, Alison Danielle Beck, 17, was charged with possession of drug  paraphernalia.

When their home was raided in January, five people were arrested, including  the Becks.

Alison Beck was not charged during the first arrest, as she was allowed to  accompany her 2-year-old to the hospital for possible treatment of exposure to  the drug and the harmful by-products of the manufacture of methamphetamine.

She was later charged with child endangerment for having the toddler in that  environment, according to the sheriff.

After the earlier search, the Becks were both charged with manufacture of  methamphetamine, possession with intent to sell and/or deliver methamphetamine,  maintaining a drug house and possession of precursor chemicals for the  production of methamphetamine.

Other occupants of the home at the time of the first raid on the home were  charged with the conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, the possession of  drug paraphernalia and the possession of methamphetamine.

Atkinson said he hopes the multiple raids on the same property remain a  rarity in the county.

“We have taken down several meth labs and meth dealers this year as part of a  county-wide effort to keep connecting dealers and sources,” said Atkinson. “This  is the first location that we’ve had to take down twice, and I hope it will be  the only one.”



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