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A Linda man convicted of torturing, raping and beating his girlfriend over three drug-fueled days in April was sentenced Thursday to 93 years to life in prison.

Tyrone Lawrence Dyson assaulted the 33-year-old woman with a knife, a sex toy, a BB gun and a broomstick, kicking and beating the woman while holding her captive at their Hile Avenue apartment.

“I’m just happy he’ll never, ever be able to get out,” the victim told the Appeal-Democrat.

Tyrone Lawrence Dyson

Dyson, 39, would be 132 years old before he is even eligible for a parole hearing.

“The defendant does not have a right to parole in this matter,” Judge Julia L. Scrogin said.

Scrogin imposed the sentence and said she agreed with the Yuba County Probation Department report, which called Dyson “an extreme danger to the public.”

Prosecutors said Dyson punished the woman for unproven infidelities.

Dyson admitted secretly recording the woman to prove she was unfaithful. Dyson, who said he secretly records all his girlfriends, admitted to cheating himself, but said he did not believe there was any double standard.

Dyson claimed he was falsely accused and said the victim invented the charges in retaliation for cutting off her methamphetamine supply.

A Yuba County jury convicted Dyson in December of torture, rape and assault.

It was the second trial for Dyson.

A previous jury convicted Dyson of threatening to kill the woman during the same three-day period, but hung on the more serious charges. Several jurors said the victim’s admitted drug use hurt her credibility on the witness stand.

Prosecutors said the critical difference between the two trials involved more medical evidence about the victim’s injuries and new testimony from another of Dyson’s ex-girlfriends who wasn’t found until after the first trial.

The second woman testified that Dyson assaulted her in a similar manner in 2008. She never reported the abuse to police.


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