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TULSA – A man and woman were taken to jail Thursday evening after police found a meth lab in their east Tulsa residence.

According to the police report, officers smelled a strong chemical odor outside the apartment near 16th and 129th East Avenue.

A 14-year-old child opened the door when officers knocked. Police went in to clear the apartment and open windows and found Barbara Hollis and Christopher Moreno inside a bedroom behind a locked door.

Christopher Moreno and Barbara Hollis

Christopher Moreno and Barbara Hollis



When the two exited minutes later, police say they saw suspicious items inside the room, including a gallon container of Coleman fuel, a 2 liter bottle containing clear liquid with a funnel in the top, cold packs, pseudoephedrine and a coffee grinder. containing white powder residue.

According to the police report, marijuana was also found on the kitchen table.

After securing a search warrant, police say other items, including Drano, salt, Lithium batteries, pliers and new and used coffee filters, were all recovered from the bedroom.

The teen was taken into protective custody and was examined by a doctor.

Hollis and Moreno were arrested for manufacturing and child endangerment.



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