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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Unsuspecting home buyers — purchasing former meth houses. Do you know what was cooking in your home before you moved in?

If you recently bought or rented your house or apartment you’ll want to listen up.

Last year, law enforcement busted or found close to 2,000 meth labs or meth dump sites in Kansas and Missouri.

Now those addresses are listed on a website, so you’ll know if your potential new house will be dangerous to your health.

From lithium to iodine, ether — even Draino– making crystal meth involves a witch’s brew of ordinary household products.

DEA assistant special agent in charge, David Mizell said about the drug, “its highly toxic. There’s chemicals, chemical vapors that are left behind.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, for every pound of meth produced, five to seven pounds of chemical waste is left behind.

“Long term exposure or a bigger lab, the residue can be left on dry wall or it could be hanging in the attic in the insulation,” said Mizell.

And those lingering vapors can cause problems for unsuspecting people living in homes once used to make the drug.

People like Shay Anthony who bought her home in this nice Johnson County neighborhood five years ago.

“It was perfect. It looked like a brand new home. I had bought it from somebody who had flipped the house and they had done all new floors, new paint, new fireplace,” said Anthony.

What no one told Anthony until recently is that in 2004 the house was raided , and is now on the DEA’s list of former meth labs.

Anthony said, “the floors were horrible the walls were gross, the bathrooms were disgusting She said that you could tell that they didn’t care about the place that they lived in,”

The DEA says there are signs to look for.

“If there’s chemical spills or stains, unusual staining of carpeting or drapes. It’s a chemical reaction so there are vapors that are emitted that can stain carpeting or walls or drapes,” said Mizell.

And while Anthony says she hasn’t felt some of the unpleasant and unhealthy side effects caused by the meth residue often left behind, ”its a little worrisome,” Anthony said.

She says she wishes she would have known

“Especially if i try to sell the house, i don’t know what could happen with that,” said Anthony.

“Do your research obviously. You want to look and see if your home was included in the statistics,” said Mizell.





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