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A man’s pornographic afternoon pleasure leads to the death of his cat.

It seems that the levels of human depravity often know no bounds, while sex with animals offends us, we know it happens. The continuing soar of the Internet however ensures that what was once pushed under the carpet is out in the open for everyone to see.

This is Gerardo Martinez, a man who last Wednesday afternoon sat in his Iowa apartment, and like many decided to entertain himself with a pornographic DVD. But for Martinez it seemed that masturbation was not sufficient to exorcise his sexual needs. Instead Martinez picked up his grey cat and had sex with it! After the deed was done, Martinez picked up the cat, and the DVD and threw both from the 7th floor of his apartment building.

The cat was discovered on the sidewalk, bleeding heavily and unable to move, and when the police turned up someone was only too happy to point them in the right direction of the owner.

When the police knocked on the door of Martinez, he opened it with his trousers round his ankles, having asked him to pull his trousers up police interrogated about his cat. Martinez at first claimed that his boyfriend had thrown the cat out the window three hours prior, but finally crumbled to the admit the act a few seconds later.

It transpires that Martinez was high on crystal meth at the time he launched the cat, and porn DVD from the window.

Martinez who resides in Council Bluffs, has been charged with animal torture, bestiality, and indecent exposure; it is suspected that Martinez will face a prison term of five years for his crime. Sadly the cat died as a result of its injuries.



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