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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – A Leslie County woman was playing with her son Saturday, when she found nearly one dozen used meth labs just feet away from her home.

Police think the area may have been a common place to dispose of the drug before the family moved in.

A homeowner on Musician Lane in Leslie County says she was playing with her son at the creek across from her front yard, when she saw something she couldn’t believe.

They found an old meth lab laying just feet away from her home. She called police only to find even more.


“There was another bottle that we ended up seeing while we were there, and we went up to look at that bottle and found out it was just like the one we saw,” said Leslie County Sheriff’s Deputy, Joshua Collett.

Officials say they found a total of 12 old meth labs left on the hill side, including a back pack full of the empty bottles.

Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office left a note for anyone thinking of coming back, saying “to get the bag back, call the Leslie County Sheriff’s Office; will be looking for you.”

Police say they are still investigating and watching the area closely.

“The people around that area at one point knew that nobody was living in the house, and didn’t know someone was living there now. Come to find out, that was the spot to go to whenever they were making meth,” said Collett.

Homeowners hope drug users will go somewhere else and stay out of their front yard.

The Sheriff is encouraging anyone that knows of a meth lab to contact the anonymous tip line at 606-672-2200.



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