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Source: Ventura Sheriff’s Department

Methamphetamine Sales Suspects Arrested, Also Charged with Child Endangerment

Nature of Incident: Methamphetamine sales / Child Endangering arrests

Report Number: 13-3908

Location: Oxnard, Ca

Date & Time: 3/13/2013, 1530 hours

Unit(s) Responsible: Sheriff’s Narcotics Bureau, West County Street Team.

(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (P)arty, (D)ecedent City of Residence Age Ilsa Maldonado Transient 42 Victor Gomez Oxnard 25

Narrative: Sheriff’s Narcotics Investigators arrested Ilsa Maldonado ad Victor Gomez for conspiracy to sell methamphetamine and child endangering.

On 3/13/2013, Sheriff’s Narcotics Investigators concluded the investigation into Ilsa Maldonado and Victor Gomez for methamphetamine sales in and around the city of Oxnard. Detectives observed Maldonado and Gomez selling methamphetamine in the area of Rose Avenue and Gonzalez Road, Oxnard. When they were detained, it was discovered Maldonado’s two children, ages 10 and 17, had been in the vehicle during the narcotics sale.

Maldonado and Gomez were arrested for conspiracy to sell of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine for sale, and felony child endangering. They were both booked into the Sheriff’s Main Jail.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office, Behavioral Health and Public Health Services, and Ventura County Child and Family Services, participate in the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children, known as DEC. This program defines drug endangered children as children who are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as a result of illegal drug use, possession, manufacturing, cultivation, or distribution. They may also be children whose caretaker’s substance misuse interferes with the caretaker’s ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Ventura County Child and Family Services were called and took custody of the children.


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