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DeKalb County marshals who were issuing an eviction notice in the Montego Apartments on Thursday afternoon eventually discovered about 30 pounds of methamphetamine.

“We were issuing a court-ordered eviction notice when one of our deputies entered the apartment and discovered what he believed to be a large amount of methamphetimes,” said DeKalb Marshal Steven Mann.

Mann told Patch the DeKalb Fire Department and Georgia Bureau of Investigation hazmat teams responded to the scene.


There were no suspects inside the apartment at the time of the discovery. Mann said that one of the apartment’s residents may have fled the scene when he saw law enforcement authorities arrive to serve the eviction notice.

Montego Apartments is located at the intersection of Briarwood Road and Buford Highway.

Montego Apartments, now in the city limits of Brookhaven, is less than half a mile from a new Briarwood Park playground and the Briarwood Rec Center, a complex that is the focus of some major, community-driven improvements.



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