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BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Just this week, in a matter of two days, four drug busts resulting in three loaded weapons, methamphetamine and marijuana — all of the streets in Benton County.

“This week has been pretty busy,” says Dustin Todd, a detective with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

A table full of evidence can testify to that.


“It always feels good because you know you’re making a difference,” Todd says.

These detectives strive to capture criminals while also making drugs disappear.

Last month the sheriff’s office had already doubled the amount of drug busts this year compared to all of 2012.

“I think a big part of it, is it always begins with administration,” Todd says.

“And what they allow us to do and what they want us to do.”

Part of that includes sharing information across multiple units.

“Narcotics, gang unit, street crimes, and then also DWI,” Todd adds.

 “And we all work really good together.”

The drug crackdown has gotten so fierce, criminals are scared to sell here.

“We actually got somebody in here today that was talking setting up some kind of marijuana thing but they were in Missouri and they refused to bring it into Benton County,” Todd says.

 “Criminals watch the news too, and they know that stuff is going down in Benton County.”

An ongoing battle against crime that the good guys seem to be winning.

“Just keep continuing from here,” Todd adds.


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