Three arrested in Toronto meth raid

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Two people were arrested Monday morning, and a third, Vicki Snyder, was arrested Monday afternoon after a six month long investigation.

Toronto police returned to 1318 Madison Ave. to arrest Snyder, who lived on the third floor of the apartment.

Authorities were at the residence Monday morning investigating a meth lab.

“At this location we recovered all the assembly of the methamphetamine lab where they have been manufacturing methamphetamine. We removed the lab and their assembly from the property. We’re currently waiting for the DEA to come and assist in the cleanup efforts today,” says Toronto Police Capt. Rick Parker.

Police were tipped off by neighbors who saw two kids on the roof of the building.

They also reported odors coming from the residence.

“It’s scary. I have two little kids and knowing if they are making a mess seven or eight houses down, it’s scary. I’m just glad they took care of it,” says neighbor Kristine Kimball.

Parker said there was around five people in the home at the time, including children.

The lab was not active when police entered the scene.

“My neighbor was talking. He said, ‘You think you would have smelled something’ but I wouldn’t know what meth smelled like so no. I mean I know it’s bad down there but I didn’t know there was a meth lab,” says Kimball.

Snyder was taken to the county jail and charged with permitting drug abuse, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Her bond is set at $1,000.



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