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Four Laurens residents have been jailed after an alleged conspiracy to buy up precursor materials at Storm Lake, Spencer, Fort Dodge and Pocahontas to manufacture methamphetamine. Three children were taken into protective care after being removed from two homes searched in the investigation.

On March 29, officers arrested Daryl Dehart, 24, Christen Dooling, 23, Janette Schmitz, 31, and Rebecca Wilkinson, 43 years old, all of Laurens, for charges related to the manufacturing and use of meth. A multi-jurisdictional investigation by the Storm Lake Police, Laurens Police, and Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Office, revealed that Dehart, Dooling, Schmitz, and others were traveling the area on a consistent basis for several weeks to obtain items including pseudoephedrine from local retailers. Law enforcement ontained search warrants for homes and several vehicles being utilized by the group who are accused of conspiring together.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. the Storm Lake Police Department’s Entry Team executed a search warrant at the residence located at 315 North 1st St., Laurens, while the Laurens Police Department, Pocahontas Sheriff’s Office, and Pocahontas Police Department simultaneously executed a search warrant at 331 South 1st St., Laurens.

Officers located and seized drug paraphernalia including methamphetamine pipes, marijuana pipes, scales, and packaging materials. They located materials related to the manufacturing of methamphetamine including full and empty packages of pseudoephedrine, Coleman camp fuel containers, lithium, ice packs containing ammonium nitrate, and containers containing byproducts of a methamphetamine cook.

The Department of Human Services conducted an emergency removal of two children belonging to Dehart and Dooling as well as a child belonging to Schmitz who were located in the homes during the execution of these warrants.

Dehart, Dooling, and Schmitz were all charged with; Manufacturing Methamphetamine in the Presence of Minors, a class C Felony, Possession of Pseudoephedrine with the Intent to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a class D felony, Possession of Lithium with the Intent to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a class D felony, Child Endangerment, a class D felony, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor. Wilkinson was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, a serious misdemeanor and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor. All were booked into the Pocahontas County Jail. Dehart, Dooling, and Schmitz were held on $25,300 bond each. Wilkinson was held on $1,300 bond. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.

Also assisting in this investigation were the Pocahontas Police Department, Storm Lake Clandestine Lab Team, and the Storm Lake K-9 Unit.



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