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TULSA – Seven suspected methamphetamine users are awaiting prosecution after a sting at a Green Country casino led to their arrest.

John Hunt, 68, Gene Miller, 53, Shelley Boothe, 30, Carol Fogelman, 30, Ayla Jones, 20, Charles Yahola, 24, and John Cooper, 34, were busted trying to buy large amounts of meth at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa last week.

Casino security first responded to a smoke alarm in a seventh-floor hotel room, where 31-year-old Raven Holmes was found smoking meth, according to arrest affidavits. The documents go on to state Holmes had more than a pound of meth, scales and other drugs packaged for sale in the room.

Hard Rock officials then reportedly called for police backup, which, with the help of local, county and federal law enforcement, set up a sting that netted the seven suspects.

The suspected buyers were all arrested for charges ranging from possession of a controlled substance to endeavoring to traffic drugs.

All seven, with the exception of Cooper, are listed as Tulsa residents.

Holmes and 35-year-old Gonzalo Ponce-Arturez of Austin, Texas, were indicted on federal drug charges Monday.

According to court documents, Holmes admitted to selling large amounts of meth out of Tulsa hotels on several occasions. She claims to have sold the drugs for a man who is member of a Mexican drug cartel.

“This is a plague in our community,” said Rogers County District Attorney Janice Steidley. “With the efforts of all the law enforcement involved, we got that off the streets of Rogers County. That’s something we are quite proud of.”

Steidley’s office is expected to prosecute the suspected buyers.


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