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EPHRATA – A man accused of leading police on a chase through Moses Lake has a history of drug possession.

Prosecutors charged 53-year-old Edward McIntosh with possession with the intent to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine near a bus stop, unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle and possession of stolen property in the third degree.

Grant County Superior Court Judge Evan Sperline issued a $10,000 warrant for McIntosh on April 2.

Members of the Inter-agency Narcotics Enforcement Team (INET) began investigating McIntosh’s alleged drug sales after receiving a December 2012 tip he was selling methamphetamine and cocaine. He was reportedly using a Columbia Avenue and a Dusty Street residence, according to an INET report.

Police used informants to allegedly purchase methamphetamine from McIntosh at least four times. The final time came the day before officers arrived at the Dusty Street residence with a search warrant. A sheriff’s deputy reportedly spotted McIntosh driving away from the home, and attempted to stop him when he driving on Frontage Road.

McIntosh allegedly didn’t stop leading police on a chase through Moses Lake, until he reached the intersection of Peninsula Drive and Marigold Street.

When officers searched the Dusty Street residence, they reportedly found 65 items which appeared to be stolen, some still in the original boxes, according to the police report. The items included at least five laptops, two televisions and numerous car stereos and cellphones. Officers also reported finding methamphetamine, marijuana and other drugs in the residence.

The report didn’t indicate how much methamphetamine or other drugs were found.

McIntosh allegedly had a .45 caliber handgun in the trunk of the car he was driving and $1,000 on him.



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