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Law officers raid central Oklahoma homes Wednesday morning in effort to stop Mexican methamphetamine distribution.


BETHANY — An ounce of methamphetamine is enough to get at least 60 heavy users high.

The 15 pounds seized Wednesday by officers with central Oklahoma law enforcement agencies represents thousands of doses of a product that is heavily addictive and has destroyed countless lives in the state, said Darrell Weaver, director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control.

More than a dozen people were arrested in a joint investigation by 11 agencies. Weaver said the distribution ring dismantled Wednesday has ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel, arguably the most powerful of the notorious Mexican drug cartels.

Authorities said the group moved as much as 25 pounds of meth from Mexico to Oklahoma City weekly.

“I have to wonder how many lives were saved,” Weaver said. “Meth really eats a person from the inside out. It almost robs the soul.”

Eight-month investigation

Law officers raided homes Wednesday, serving search and arrest warrants as part of the eight-month investigation.

More than a dozen teams of law officers started looking for 21 people at more than 10 locations in the Oklahoma City area beginning about 7 a.m., said Mark Woodward, spokesman for the state narcotics bureau.

Three arrests were made at 3312 NW 25, the first house raided by officers. A tall man in an orange jacket who was handcuffed and detained near the curb was asked by a reporter, “Are you selling drugs here?”

The man answered with an obscenity.

A law officer quickly escorted the man to a patrol car.

Officers used a battering ram after no one answered the door at a detached garage apartment at 2409 N Drexel Ave. Two people were arrested inside.

Woodward said 13 people were arrested by noon. More arrests are possible. Raids also were conducted Wednesday in Norman, Moore and Ponca City.



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