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GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A Caledonia woman with three prior convictions for methamphetamine-related crimes will spend several more years behind bars after material her son brought to school tipped police off to drug activity at home.

Michelle Romeyn, also known as Michelle Oliver, this week was sentenced to six to 20 years in prison for operating a methamphetamine lab in her home on Glenn Creek Road in Caledonia. She pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this year.

In tears before Kent County Circuit Judge Donald Johnston, Romeyn spoke of concerns for her two sons who she said have now been separated and need her. Though statistics show only a small percentage of methamphetamine users overcome the addiction, she said, she wants to do everything possible to make sure she will be one of those people.


Michelle Romeyn



Johnston said he hopes so, as well. He ordered Romeyn, 39, be sent to the Woman’s Huron Valley Correctional Center in Ypsilanti for further treatment and incarceration.

A Kent County sheriff’s deputy made contact with Romeyn on Oct. 12, 2012, after her 12-year-old son brought a foil used in smoking methamphetamine to school earlier in the day. After speaking with her and obtaining written consent to search her residence, the deputy located a cooler in the garage that appeared to contain components that had been used to cook methamphetamine, records show.

A Michigan State Police clean-up unit was called to further investigate and dispose of hazardous materials. Lab tests were later positive for methamphetamine, records show.

Romeyn had previously been convicted in October 2001 of operating a methamphetamine lab in Barry County.





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