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Sandy Springs narcotics detectives seized over 67 pounds of methamphetamine, Thursday, at Colonial Grand Apartments in the 8900 block of Roswell Road.

Also seized were 2.4 kilos of cocaine and over $20,000 cash. One man, whose name is not being released, was taken into custody.

Chief Ken DeSimone commented that the seizure was the largest confiscation of methamphetamine since the department’s inception in 2006.


A search warrant was issued, Thursday, after apartment personnel conducting a pre-announced fire extinguisher inspection, saw several suspicious items in the apartment and notified police.

“It’s not a troubled area and then you go in and see 67 pounds,” said Capt. Steve Rose, SSPD spokesperson. “Part of what we look at internationally is these cartels are trying to blend. Our follow-up is to see if there is any cartel influence. It wasn’t being cooked. It was ready to be shipped.”



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