4 face charges in NM meth bust

Posted: 7th April 2013 by Doc in Uncategorized

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — State and federal authorities say four people are facing charges following a two-month investigation into a drug trafficking ring.

Authorities with a regional drug enforcement task force say large amounts of methamphetamine were being trafficked in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties.

This week’s bust netted officers almost a pound of meth that was valued at $12,000, along with an ounce of cocaine, two stolen handguns and more than $4,200 in cash.

The investigation also turned up evidence related to several property crime cases in Santa Fe.

Authorities identified those facing charges as 38-year-old Christopher Candelaria of Albuquerque and Santa Fe residents 34-year-old Regina Cole, 30-year-old Justin Jameson and 31-year-old Angelo Rotunno.

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