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The new report shows the amount of methamphetamine in each woman’s body varied and confirms that all died after being shot in the head.

The women were all killed at the south Tulsa apartment complex on January 7th.

Rebeika and Kayetie, murder victims
Courtesy: Facebook
Fairmont Shooting 

Nearly a month after the murders Tulsa police arrested Cedric and Dwayne Poore, and charged them for the murders. Arrest reports obtained by KRMG say the men knew drugs were sold out of the aparment. The brothers went there to steal meth, that led to the violence.

Killed were sisters Rebeika Powell, and Kayetie Melchor, both 23. The sisters were each shot twice. The other victims were 33 year old Misty Nunley, and 55 year old Julie Jackson, each of them were shot once.

The next action in the case will be a hearing on April 2.


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