Meth-related activity: What to look for

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Several methods are used to cook methamphetamine. Currently, one of the most popular can be carried out in a 16-ounce bottle.

A Gatorade bottle or similar bottle is used because the plastic is thicker.

“If you see that with any substance that’s not Mountain Dew or pop or something, it’s typically remnants of the meth process,” said Detective Lt. Jason Huber of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office.

“Battery casings, pseudoephedrine packets, anhydrous, propane tanks out in fields are all clues of meth cooks.”

Odor often is a giveaway. In years past, anhydrous ammonia was used. These days, camper stove fuel or charcoal lighter is more commonly used.

“It’s a solvent-based smell,” said Mark Long, chief of the Narcotics Bureau of the Montana Department of Criminal Investigation. He instructs trainees in meth lab detection. “I tell them to open a can of charcoal lighter fluid and smell it. Spray starter fluid in the air and sniff it.

“We get calls all the time,” Long said. “It’s the dead of winter and someone says ‘I smell charcoal lighter-fluid.’ Well, it’s 10 degrees below and no one is charcoal grilling.”



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