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A 50-year-old man was arrested by members of the National Narcotics Agency in Palembang last month for being in possession of illegal drugs.

The man, who was only identified by his initials I.C., reportedly hid 514 grams of methamphetamine in a spare tire that he transported from Tangerang, Banten.

“At around 7 a.m on March 14, BNN officers apprehended the man at Jalan Kapten Sulaiman, Eastern Trans-Sumatra Route, Palembang, South Sumatra. He was arrested while transporting methamphetamine to Palembang in a black metallic Avanza car,” the head of BNN’s psychotropical abuse division, Comr. Agung Ramos Sinaga, told reporters after destroying the evidence at BNN’s parking lot in East Jakarta on Monday.

Ramos said the suspect claimed that he was ordered by someone to take the narcotics from a woman who was waiting at a hospital in Tangerang. He was later asked to go to Palembang to hand the drugs to another person.

“We followed the suspect after receiving a tip-off from members of the public. The officers arrested I.C. before he could deliver the illegal drugs,” he said.

“The BNN officers then took the suspect and the evidence for further investigation.”

Ramos said I.C. had confessed to investigators that he delivered illegal drugs on three previous occasions. According to the suspect, he received Rp 5 million ($513) for his involvement.

Separately, BNN also arrested a 40-year-old woman with initials R.K. in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta, after she received a package containing methamphetamine that was hidden in a handcrafted item. The package was sent by someone with the initials F.M. from South Africa.

“When it was opened, the package contained a giraffe handicraft in which 101.8 grams of crystal meth was hidden,” he said. Ramos said that both suspects may face the death penalty.



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