Augusta couple face drug charges for Meth

Posted: 9th April 2013 by Doc in Uncategorized
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An Augusta couple was arrested Sunday after police discovered methamphetamine and marijuana in a vehicle in which their two children were passengers.

According to an incident report, the vehicle’s driver, Kelly Scott Keffer, attempted to flee from police, who approached the “suspicious vehicle” in the parking lot of Super 8, 2137 Gordon Highway, around 10 a.m.

After capturing the suspect, police searched the vehicle to find two bags containing materials used in the production of methamphetamine, methamphetamine stuffed into the air vent, rolled marijuana cigarettes and drug paraphernalia.

Police said Leslie Atwood, 34, and a 10- and 15-year-old were passengers in the vehicle.

Keffer, who told police he ingested several grams of meth before their arrival in an attempt to hide it, repeatedly struck the windows of the police vehicle during his arrest.

Keffer and Atwood, who reside at the motel, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and presence of children during manufacturing of meth. Keffer was also charged with leaving the scene and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.




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