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Police arrested three people for possession of methamphetamine in the parking lot of CVS on Sunset Boulevard on two separate occasions this week.

James William Gleaton, 27, was arrested Sunday after police found a plastic straw with a white powdery substance on it and lithium batteries in his pockets, according to a Lexington Police Department incident report. The white substance field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Gleaton also had a knife and a box of Claritin-D, which he had purchased from CVS, with him, according to the report. The allergy medicine contains pseudophedrine, which – along with lithium batteries – is commonly used to make meth.



When the officer asked Gleaton where he got the plastic straw and batteries, Gleaton said someone gave him the batteries, as well as a set of brass knuckles, earlier that day, according to the report. He also said he found the plastic straw on the ground and put it in his pocket.

Gleaton was heading out of the store and back to a car parked in the rear of the store when the officer stopped him, according to the report. The officer stopped at the CVS around 1:50 a.m. when he noticed the car – which was the only car in the lot – parked behind the store.

Gleaton was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphenalia and carrying a concealed weapon.

On Monday, two women were arrested in the parking lot of the same CVS after an officer was called to the store around 2:12 a.m. bout suspicious people trying to buy pseudophedrine.

When the officer arrived, he saw a car parked behind the store, according to the report. He went to talk to the two people sitting in the car and could smell marijuana.

The officer searched the car and found a metal case with three plastic bags containing a white powdery substance, several small pieces of marijuana, an open can of beer, several small folding knives and plastic bags, a yellow straw cut in half and covered in a white powdering substance and several types of pills, according to the report. The officer also found a fixed-blad knife and a baton in the car.

Danielle Nell Sisk, 23, and Tabitha Leah Williams, 24, were both arrested and charged with possession with itent to distribute methamphetamines and possession of schedule II, III and IV narcotics.

A man who was with them was released.

Sisk and Williams were booked at the Lexington County Detention Center.



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