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WINNIPEG – There may be a “bad batch” of methamphetamine in Winnipeg, police are warning.

The Winnipeg Police Service issued an advisory at 11 p.m. Thursday about the possible health hazard.

“There has been above normal occurrences in the last 24 hours of persons being admitted to hospital suffering adverse reactions to these substances,” the police news release says.

An incident Thursday at a Robin’s Donuts at Salter Street and Selkirk Avenue may be related to the bad drugs, Const. Eric Hofley said Friday morning.


Police are seen at Selkirk Avenue and Salter Street from Skyview1 on Wednesday.



Multiple cruisers and an ambulance were at the coffee shop just before 5 p.m. A witness said there had been a struggle between one person and police, and others said emergency crews performed CPR on someone.

Meth, as the illegal street drug is commonly known, and its derivatives have the potential to cause serious injury or death, police said.

Meth is sold as a fine to coarse powder, crystals or white chunks with grey or pink bits, and may be taken by mouth, smoked, snorted or injected, according to Health Canada. Speed is the injectable form of meth, while crystal meth is the smokeable form.

It’s also known as chalk, crank, crystal or rock candy, among other street names.

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