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CASSOPOLIS, MI — A 54-year-old Edwardsburg man has been found guilty of 14 felony counts ranging from possession of a bomb to operating a methamphetamine lab.

Scott Blaisdell, found guilty Wednesday at a jury trial in Cass County on the bomb, firearm and methamphetamine lab charges, is scheduled for sentencing May 24.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz stated: “We are not going to put up with such a volatile mix in our community. Mr. Blaisdell has earned his ticket to the joint. ”

According to a a news release from Fitz’s office, in February, 2012, detectives from the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at Blaisdell’s home and found a methamphetamine laboratory, as well as components commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. In a safe in the Blaisdell’s guest bedroom, they found an improvised explosive device.

 The Berrien County Bomb Squad removed the explosive device. In addition, Detectives found more than 20 firearms as well as a marijuana plant and a bag of processed marijuana.

Blaisdell did not testify and did not present any witnesses.

The jury of 12 found Blaisdell guilty of 13 felonies: Possession of a bomb, operating a laboratory involving a firearm/harmful device; operating a laboratory involving a hazardous Waste, Operating a Laboratory involving Methamphetamine, Possession of methamphetamine, delivery/manufacture of marijuana, maintaining a drug house, and six counts of felony firearm. The jury found him guilty of an additional misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.

The jury found him not guilty of possession of a bomb with unlawful intent, and a count of felony firearm.

The felony firearm convictions require a mandatory two years in prison, the prosecutor’s office said;consecutive to the felony firearm convictions, Blaisdell is also facing up to 25 years in prison on the other guilty verdicts.



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