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On Thursday, a 34-year-old man named Vince May had created a scene on Selkirk Avenue.  It has been found that the same was a result of his overdosing on methamphetamine.

It is being said that Vince May could not remember much from his hit of meth.  However, the report revealed that the incident has triggered the issue of warnings by police of the city of Winnipeg.  It is being said by police that Winnipeg streets have been highly hit by a bad batch of the drug.

High Doses of Methamphetamine Risky for Health, Warns Report


A total of five people have suffered adverse reactions to the highly-addictive drug since Thursday night.  Also, the report finds that they have all had to go through Winnipeg emergency departments.

The Emergency Program’s Regional Medical Director for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Dr.  Alecs Chochinov, affirmed that when it came to amphetamines, these were never safe.  He said that people taking these were at constant risks of suffering contamination by other chemicals.

Also, they could face inherent risks, which the amphetamines themselves carried.

“Someone like that they are not thinking rationally, they have no idea of what is transpiring, no concern for themselves or anyone around them”, Const.  Eric Hofley was cited as saying.


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