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Yesterday, following a months-long investigation, federal, state, and local law enforcement busted two related drug rings, both based in Austin. The bust netted 37 people, 75 + kilograms of methamphetamine (the most authorities have seen at once in Austin), and over $1 million linked to the rings’ drug sales.

According to myfoxaustin, U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman told reporters yesterday, “What we identified yesterday was a large scale organization, very structured, very well organized with shots being called by bosses in Mexico.” The rings trafficked meth, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. 



One of the rings was centered around JT Body and Paint in East Austin. According to KVUE, the drugs came into JT’s, “where it was prepared and then shipped out around Austin and in other cities, including Dallas and Oklahoma City.”

Officers traced the other operation from the Rio Grande Valley. “During one of the smuggling runs,” KVUE reports, “officers found 20 kilograms of cocaine money laundering.”

One of the rings was “responsible for moving more than 50 kilograms of meth to and through Austin per month,” said Greg Thrash with the Drug Enforcement Agency. “And in the other case over 50 kilograms of cocaine to and through Austin.” 

Those arrested have been charged with conspiracy to posses and intent to distribute drugs and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Experts of the meth production trade who’ve spent hours studying video from the AMC show Breaking Bad will note that perhaps next time, the ring leaders may consider using tubs of fried chicken batter to move their drugs and laundering the money through a car wash. Just an idea.



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