Big Methamphetamine bust in Eureka Springs

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EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) – Police in Eureka Springs have made several arrests all stemming from the buying and selling of methamphetamine.

In Oct. 2012, detectives with the Eureka Springs Police Dept. arrested an individual who agreed to turn informant for police to help them purchase drugs in exchange for leniency in his burglary charge.

This arrest turned into a five month narcotics investigation which has resulted in 25 arrests for selling, manufacturing, and possessing with intent to manufacture dangerous drugs, mainly methamphetamine.

Prosecuting Attorney Tony Rogers allowed two detectives to buy drugs as part of the investigation. As drugs were purchased, suspects were positively identified and arrested. Those who were arrested were given the opportunity to purchase drugs from their suppliers.

As the investigation progressed, more suspects were identified and became cooperative informants for detectives. Meth dealers who were known to deliver in the Eureka Springs area were identified in Berryville, Holiday Island, and rural western Carroll County as well as Barry County and Taney County in Missouri.



Detectives also teamed up with Berryville police to identify and arrest four dealers in the Berryville area.

Towards the end of the investigation, detectives and an informant bought an “eight-ball” (1/8th ounce of meth) from Melia McEnaney in Berryville. Detectives followed her as she left the house and pulled her over. Detectives found the buy money and another three ounces of meth. McEnaney is charged with delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Detectives got another informant to buy meth for them. The informant called a supplier, identified as Pedro Munoz-Casillo. The informant arranged to buy three ounces of meth from Casillo who was going to drive in from Branson.

The informant was told to meet Casillo at a local self-storage. A detective rode with the informant and the detective saw the transaction of $3,000 between the informant and Casillo.

That was when detectives arrested Castillo and his accomplice Dorothy Keys. During the arrest, detectives saw Casillo drop a red bag onto the floorboard of the car he drove. Inside the bag was one pound of crystal ice meth. Detectives also found a Star 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a loaded magazine and 440 grams of K2 packaged for sale.

Street value for all of the meth recovered is $8,700 and the street value of the K2 found is over $5,800. Also two vehicles were seized at the time of the arrest, a 2004 Toyota MTX and a 2003 Volkswagon, both belonging to Castillo. Also found on Castillo and Keys was $3,906 in cash.

Bond was set for Casillo at $1,000,000 and for Keys at $500,000 on April 9.

Other persons arrested are:

Cody Middleton of Eureka Springs
Jason Helm of Berryville
Phillip Thornton of Eureka Springs
Anthony Lillig of Eureka Springs
Jordan Anderson of Eureka Springs
Jason Edmonson of Eureka Springs (arrested twice)
Britney Collette of Eureka Springs (arrested twice)
Jason Still of Eureka Springs (arrested twice)
Jackie Aday of Eureka Springs
Melia McEnaney of Harrison
Pedro Munoz-Casillo of Harrison
Dorothy Keys of Green Forest
Christy Strickland of Eureka Springs (arrested twice)
Richard Decker of Eagle Rock
Suzie Scarrow of Eureka Springs
Spencer Martin of Eureka Springs

There are three more suspects in Missouri who have not been arrested as of this date.



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