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DUNCAN — Members of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics arrested were able to make an arrest for two counts of distribution of methamphetamine and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

Joy Donald Carpenter, Jr. was arrested April 9 after OBN were able to catch him selling meth with the help of a confidential informant.
According to court affidavits by OBN agent Kevin Connolly, the informant told agents that he had purchased meth from Carpenter on numerous occasions.
A meeting between Carpenter and the informant was set up for March 27 so the informant could purchase one gram from Carpenter while equipped with an audio transmitting device, an audio/video recording device and $100 of OBN funds.
The transaction went as planned and the informant turned over the devices and the purchased substances to the agents. The substance later was tested and returned positive results for methamphetamine.
The drill was repeated again April 9 with the use of the confidential informant. Connolly states in his affidavit the informant arranged to purchase one-quarter of an ounce of methamphetamine for $450. The informant was equipped with the same devices.
When the informant got to the residence, Connolly said, in his affidavit, Carpenter did not have the methamphetamine yet but went ahead and requested the money saying someone was bringing it to the residence.
After several minutes, the informant reportedly asked for the money back but it had already been given to Guadalupe Araiza and was given a small Ziplock bag containing a crystalline substance and a syringe instead. The informant did not use the substance.
The affidavit states the CI said a heated argument broke out inside the residence after which Carpenter left the residence in the passenger side of a white pickup. The informant was picked up south of the residence when he gave agents the bag of substance and the devices. The informant also said Araiza left the residence with the money before Carpenter left.
The white pickup was later stopped by agents and Araiza was located with help from the Marlow Police Department. Connolly said Araiza claimed to have won the money, which she was keeping in her shoe, at Chisholm Trail Casino but the serial numbers marked the serial numbers of the OBN funds.
Carpenter and Araiza were transported to Stephens County Jail.
Carpenter was charged with two counts of distribution of methamphetamine and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Online court records indicate Araiza was charged with endeavoring to distribute as a supplemental.
They made their first appearance in court Thursday. Bond was set at $100,000 for Carpenter. Araiza was awarded a $50,000 bond. She will appear in court again with Carpenter on May 10 and May 29.

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