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Twelve local residents — including six from North Escambia — were indicted this week on methamphetamine and pseudoephedrine related conspiracy offenses. These individuals were arrested on federal warrants and most made their initial appearances in United States District Court Friday.


Charged were:  Gregory A. Militello, age 42 of Cantonment; Stephanie Ann Gunderson, age 26 of Cantonment; Shawn Michael King, age 34 of Cantonment; Joseph David Peterson age 33  of Cantonment; Hunter Grant Myrick, age 23 from Cantonment;  and Kirby Brian Smith, age 50 of Molino;  Joshua Paul Militello, age 30 of Pensacola ; Nicole Danielle Jones, age 32 of Pensacola; James E. Atiabi, age 35 of Penacola;  John Wyatt Casey, age 33 of Pensacola;  Jared Luke Hester, age 29 of Pensacola ; and Shannon Lee Hurd, age 29 of Pensacola.

Federal prosecutors say suspects were all were involved in a conspiracy to possess and distribute large amounts of pseudoephedrine in order to manufacture methamphetamine from January 1, 2011, until their arrests. Pseudoephedrine is a chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine. In addition to the twelve individuals arrested on federal warrants, dozens more were arrested on state warrants involving similar alleged activity.

Trial for the federal defendants is set for June, 2013. If convicted at trial, each of the twelve defendants faces up to 20 years imprisonment, three years of supervised release, and up to a $250,000 fine on the conspiracy charged in the indictments. Peterson faces a separate mandatory penalty of 10 years to life imprisonment based upon a charge against him involving the manufacture of methamphetamine.

The indictments result from an investigation by agents of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Attorney’s Office.



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