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Law enforcement agencies arrested nearly five dozen people over the last two days on methamphetamine and pseudoephedrine related charges. 


Many of the arrests targeted persons involved with drug groups dubbed “The Village Group”, centered around “The Village” area of Forrest Street and Lakeview Avenue in Cantonment; and “The Ayers Group” for a group centered around Ayers Street in Molino.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said Friday afternoon that 56 of 76 people targeted by Operation Blister Pack 2 had been arrested. In addition, the sheriff said 19 meth labs had been destroyed this year, along with 47 last year. Morgan said the investigation is still ongoing in the operation, with the possibility of more arrests.

“We intend to vigorously prosecute these cases,” State Attorney Bill Eddins said at an afternoon press conference. “Many of them have resulted in charges that will require a mandatory minimum seven years in prison. And some have also committed sufficient acts that we have charged them with crimes that will result in a mandatory minimum 15 years in prison.”

“Methamphetamine…is a very bad drug that effects not only these defendants, but their families as well,” Eddins said.

“It is surprising to us that anyone uses this drug because, again, the physical effects are so debilitating,” Morgan said, after discussing “meth mouth”, premature aging and other dramatic dangers of meth.

The arrests, targeting meth operations based in Cantonment and Molino, are expected to have a significant impact on methamphetamine in North Escambia and the rest of Escambia County.

“This is a pretty major group; this should make a large impact on that area,” Investigator Ken Tolbirt said.  Many of those arrested, Tolbirt said, are “smurfs” that go out and purchase quantities of pseudoephedrine and other ingredients need to manufacture  methamphetamine.

“They trade it to that person. If they give them a box, then they give them a percentage of what was cooked from the pseudoephedrine,” he said.

“They are just worker bees,” Morgan said. “Pharmacies track the amount of that compound that is sold.”

A dozen suspects were also arrested on federal charges as part of Operation Blister Pack 2. For details about the federal cases, click here.

The following arrests were reported on state charges by Friday afternoon:

  • Heather Nichole Harris, 32, Forrest Street, Cantonment
  • Dawn Cheree Brooks, 33, Forehand Lane, Cantonment
  • Katherine Leigh Glass, 32, Forehand Lane, Cantonment
  • Anthony Trevor Buttitta, 32, Frand Ard Road, Cantonment
  • Todd Michael Packard, 33, Old Chemstrand Road, Cantonment
  • William Bradley Edmonson, 25, Booth Avenue, Cantonment
  • Lindsey Marie Murphy, 32, Muscogee Road, Cantonment
  • Henry Allen Miller, 38, Muscogee Road, Cantonment
  • Jonathon Michael Argerenon, Jr, 34, Forrest Street, Cantonment
  • Brandy Suzanne Tucker, 39, Lakeview Avenue, Cantonment
  • Nicholas Lawrence Ray, 22, Tate School Road, Cantonment
  • Jonathan Paul Kite, 39, Belmont Avenue, Cantonment
  • Nikki Lynn Kight, 45, Lakeview Avenue, Cantonment
  • Danielle Suzanne Lowery, 18, Lakeview Avenue, Cantonment
  • Jennifer Dianne Kelly, 33, Ayer Street, Molino
  • Clinton Keith Edmonson, 22, Molino Road, Molino
  • Shawna Reche Carnley, 23, Chestnut Road, Molino
  • Kelly Ann Eddins, 26, Jefferson Avenue, Century
  • Jeffery Gene Brown, 32, South Pine Barren Road, McDavid
  • Lane Robert Edmonson, 17, address unavailable
  • Tanya Suzette Carver, 46, Cranbrook Avenue, Pensacola
  • Mark Avery Ard, 33, London Avenue, Pensacola
  • Margaret Lorene Ard, 51, London Avenue, Pensacola
  • James Ellis Roley, 27, London Avenue, Pensacola
  • Katrina Maria Griffin, 25, Amberway Drive, Pensacola
  • John Dale Highfield, 24, Aquamarine Avenue, Pensacola
  • Clinton Michael Gant, 26, Aquamarine Avenue, Pensacola
  • Heather Noel Reed, 31, Lillian Highway, Pensacola
  • Lori Esther Cabuyao, 34, Stafford Lane, Pensacola
  • Sonya Lee Weekley, 46, North “R” Street, Pensacola
  • Monica Louise Rutherford, 32, Tower Ridge Road, Pensacola
  • Thomas Richard Nowling, 26 Mobile Highway, Pensacola
  • George Steven Andrews II, 43, Chisolm Road, Pensacola
  • Sebron Anthony Aikens Jr, 28, North “K” Street, Pensacola
  • Clinton Dwayne Nowlin, 25, Chemstrand Road, Pensacola
  • Sylvia Marie Rutherford, 35, Tower Ridge Road, Pensacola
  • Sheila Diane Quinlan, 48, Suwanne Road, Pensacola
  • Wilbur Arvid Petersen, 57, Bowman Avenue, Pensacola
  • Lisa Michelle Petersen, 48, North “S” Street, Pensacola
  • Samantha Rose Petersen, 26, Bowman Avenue, Pensacola
  • Robert Harold Fulater 32, Bowman Avenue, Pensacola
  • Cindy Kay Morgan, 31, Bush Street, Pensacola
  • Donald Michael Morgan, 35, Bush Street, Pensacola
  • Susan Ann VanDyke, 45, Tower Ridge, Pensacola
  • Joseph Matthew Davis, 35, Action Street, Pensacola
  • Tony Curtis Simmons Sr, 48, Twinbrook Avenue, Pensacola

Pictured top:  A suspect is taken into custody on a meth related warrant by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and an undercover ATF agent. Pictured top inset: State Attorney Bill Eddins (left) and Sheriff David Morgan discuss the operation. Pictured bottom inset: Investigator Ken Tolbirt explains the Molino and Cantonment drug groups. Pictured below: Of those arrested Thursday and Friday on state charges stemming from Operation Blister Pack II, 19 individuals provided North Escambia addresses when booked into the Escambia County Jail.




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