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NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC — A house in the Sumter National Forest was raided Friday after “a series of citizen complaints,” about drug activities at the location, the Newberry County Sheriff’s Department said. The house at 252 Adam Tesenair Road, off highway 121, was home to an extended family including two toddlers, and the setting for an operational methamphetamine laboratory, authorities said.

During the raid, authorities discovered two children in the house, a 2-year-old and an 11-month-old. Because they had been exposed to meth fumes, which can be toxic, the children were given a medical examination and then placed in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services. Authorities said the living conditions in the home were”deplorable.”

A certified cleaning crew was mobilized to ‘safely dismantle’ the meth making equipment. Six people were arrested, including 6 members of one family. Charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and exposing a child to meth were: Amber Tesenair,23; Heather Anderson, 23; Jeffrey Tesenair, 51; Kelly Tesenair, 42; Meghan Tesenair, 19; and Nicholas Tesenair,26. A bond hearing for the six is expected to be held Saturday.


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