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A trio of co-defendants are accused of having a methamphetamine lab in a Norwalk apartment.

Three men are charged with brutally attacking their respective victims.

Those are some of the 14 indictments a Huron County grand jury handed down Friday. Eight of the cases were drug-related. Two suspects are charged with burglary. A story about all of the indictments was published in Saturday’s Norwalk Reflector.


The meth case is in connection with a March 29 fire at a Bouscay Avenue apartment. Norwalk police officers arrived about 4:55 p.m. and when officers entered the apartment, they “found an active meth lab,” authorities said.

Police have said Paul D. Prince, 33, of Mansfield, when fleeing the upstairs bedroom, admitted to knocking over some of the meth-related byproducts, which started the fire, which was contained to the bedroom. The contents in the room were a total loss.

Prince and James J. Arthur II, 29, of 4968 Ohio 61, New Haven, are charged with one count each of manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possession of criminal tools.

A third accomplice, Allen E. Mobberly, 32, of 37H Bouscay Ave., is charged with endangering children and permitting drug abuse.

Chief Dave Light has said a boy complained of a “burning sensation” in his lungs after he played in the apartment. Authorities also identified Mobberly as the father of a boy who was there when the fire started and “the person who had control of the apartment where the methamphetamine was being manufactured.”

A woman who happened to be in the apartment during the meth lab raid also was indicted Friday, but not in connection with meth.

Samantha J. Reed, 20, of 15 Fruen St., was charged with trafficking in heroin.

“She just happened to be there,” said Detective Sgt. Seth Fry, who assisted Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton with the heroin investigation. “She admitted to using the meth that was cooked at the location.”



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