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As a Levin man fell into the methamphetamine trap, he left people close to him and complete strangers out of pocket.

Vaevae Miak Hau, 45, has been sentenced to three years and two months’ jail for offending in 2011 and 2012 that coincided with a “decline into methamphetamine use”, according to a pre-sentence report.

Judge Gerard Lynch told the Palmerston North District Court yesterday that from April 2011 Hau was having a relationship with a woman, whose motorbike he pawned for $3000 a month later.

His partner had bought the bike on credit and her repayments fell into arrears.

“The bike was repossessed, leaving the pawnbroking store, which should have exercised more caution, out of pocket,” Judge Lynch said.

In June 2012, Hau began a new relationship with a different woman.

Hau told her he was taking her car in for repainting, but instead he sold it. He then convinced the same woman to buy a camper van, which he sold to a couple for $8000.

Unfortunately for them, it was then repossessed.

In October 2012, Hau bought a motorbike on Trade Me and used a $5.50 “money order” form he altered to read $5500 to pay for it.

He stole other items from his 2011 partner and wrote to both women while he was in prison on remand, promising to change his ways and repay them financially.

When the prison stopped him sending letters, he smuggled one out via a visitor from a church organisation.

In total, Hau admitted four charges of obtaining by deception, four of theft, five of breaching a protection order, two of dishonestly using a document, two of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, two of possessing drug utensils, one charge of possessing cannabis and one of criminal harassment.

Judge Lynch imposed a minimum prison term of one year and four months.

He said it would be pointless to order reparation.


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