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ST. GEORGE — Four Washington County residents were arrested Thursday after a traffic stop uncovered “large” amounts of methamphetamine.

Washington County Drug Task Force detectives pulled over a silver F-150 pickup truck Thursday afternoon with three occupants: Joshua Bradyn Blake, 18; Joshua David Samson, 24; and Amber Nicole Turney, 23. As officers approached the vehicle, they noticed passengers moving and reaching for something inside the vehicle, according to probable cause statements.

Officers asked the occupants to roll down the windows, and a smell of “burnt marijuana” came from inside the vehicle, according to the statements. Officers then asked Blake, Samson and Turney to exit the vehicle.

A glass pipe with crystal-like residue and a sealed straw with “granulated type material inside” was found on Turney, according to the statements. When questioned by detectives, Turney said she had driven Blake to Las Vegas to “pick up meth.”

Investigators also found paraphernalia, a plastic bottle with suspected marijuana and a “distributable amount” of suspected methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

Blake told officers he was going to meet 21-year-old Tyler Jordan Oliphant after picking up the methamphetamine.

“(Blake) explained … that the majority of the methamphetamine was going to be dropped off to (Oliphant) so that (Oliphant) could start selling,” according to the statement.

Officers had Blake set up a meeting over the phone with Oliphant. During that meeting Oliphant was arrested.

“(Oliphant) explained to me that Josh had just made a trip to Las Vegas to pick up a quarter pound of meth and was meeting up with him in order to give him his cut,” the officer wrote in the statement.

Blake, Samson, Turney and Oliphant were all booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility.

Blake was charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, possession of drugs, two charges of possession of paraphernalia and five warrants. Blake’s bail was set at $21,047.

Samson and Turney were charged with possession of drugs, possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and two charges of possession of paraphernalia. Their bail was set at $11,761 each.

Oliphant was charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. Oliphant’s bail was set at $10,000.




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