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MADISON — A Norfolk man who relapsed on methamphetamine borrowed money from his sister to get the drug. The two used all day until she winded up in the hospital, treated for meth intoxication.

But Brian Dieter, 34, said he didn’t encourage his sister to use and that she was incarcerated herself for possession of methamphetamine.

 The investigation began after his sister, Karina, 41, was released from Faith Regional Health Services following the incident March 7. She told law enforcement that she had gone to her brother’s apartment in Norfolk that day at 2 a.m. and that he talked her into giving him money.

According to a law enforcement report, she said her brother used the money to purchase meth and that they used the drug together with others at the apartment. In the 18 hours she was there, she gave him money at least three times and each time he would return to the apartment with more drugs.

Along with possession of meth from that incident, Dieter also was convicted of two shoplifting incidents from Menards. According to court reports, he stole copper wire, surveillance cameras and an oxygen bottle, totaling more than $1,100.

Dieter said that at the time of the thefts, he was off his medications and started doing drugs again.

“I never meant for this to happen,” he said. “I’ve been sober 112 days now and I’m feeling good.”

But during those 112 days in jail awaiting sentencing on those convictions, Dieter got into a fight with another inmate, hitting him in the nose. The inmate did not require medical treatment, but Dieter was convicted of another felony in regard to the fight.

Judge Mark Johnson pointed out Dieter’s extensive criminal history — seven pages of priors — including 12 other theft or trespassing charges. Johnson called the Menards’ thefts “brazen” and “very thought out.”

But Dieter’s lawyer, Kyle Melia of the Madison County public defender’s office, said the recent thefts were related to his drug use. And while his drug use with his sister was legally defined as dealing, Dieter wasn’t going out and selling the drug.

Ultimately, Johnson sentenced Dieter to one year in prison for the meth and theft charges and an additional 30 days in jail for the assault while incarcerated.

He was given credit for 112 days already served.


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