Methamphetamine lab found in Canal Fulton

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CANAL FULTON — A bubbling broken bottle in the basement of a triplex alerted firefighters to  a possible methamphetamine lab early Sunday.

Assistant Fire Chief Ray Green said fire crews were called to 354 Cathedral  Drive in Centennial Village off Manchester Avenue NW about 8 a.m. Sunday by a  neighbor.

Upon entering the basement, where the fire and smoke was located,  firefighters discovered the broken bottle and what appeared to be chemicals.

An investigator at a methamphetamine lab in Canal  Fulton has potentially harmful materials washed off of him by a Canal Fulton  firefighter



Green said he immediately called the Stark County Hazardous Materials Unit  and the triplex was secured.

Patrolman Dennis Muntean of the Canal Fulton Police Department said five  people were in the residence when the fire broke out.

The main suspect, whose name is not yet being released, ran out the back  door when police arrived. Muntean said the man was attempting to load materials  into a pickup truck parked out front.

“We think he was trying to leave, but a fire truck had him blocked in.  There’s more (evidence) on the back porch and in the basement,” he said.

The truck is now covered with a tarp to protect evidence.

Muntean said a woman, possibly the suspect’s girlfriend, left the house  wearing only a towel and carrying a 6-month-old child. She was driven out of the  neighborhood by a neighbor and dropped off on Manchester Avenue.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the state’s crime lab from the  Attorney General’s Office, was also in the scene.

Muntean said the department checked area hospitals for the suspects.

Firefighters evacuated the triplex and asked that those in neighboring  triplexes either leave or remain inside. While their equipment detected  dangerous fumes in the basement, they believed it was contained to that area and  neighbors were not in danger.

Several neighboring fire departments responded, along with the Red  Cross.

Terry Haggard, who lives in the neighborhood, watched the clean-up from the  end of the cul-de-sac.

He said the neighborhood is generally quiet with many children.

He said he knows the elderly lady who lives in the triplex and believes it  to be her grandson or nephew that lives in her basement.




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