LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) – Six people were arrested in a meth lab bust in Lexington County. 

Officers with the county’s Multi-Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team seized a meth lab investigators say was operating out of a home on Redmond Road near Lexington Friday.

Officers arrested:

  • 41-year-old George Edward Brinson, Redmond Rod, Lexington
  • 52-year-old Terri Lee Egert of Buck Corley Road, Lexington
  • 33-year-old Trudy Rene Escue of Clermont Lakes Drive, Lexington
  • 41-year-old Konni Linn Owens of Mimosa Drive, Gaston
  • 18-year-old Robert Eric Owens of Mimosa Drive, Gaston
  • 46-year-old Anthony Carl Rowell of Glenn Street, West Columbia

All six are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. They are held at the Lexington County Detention Center.



Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said deputies went to the home at about 9:54 p.m. Friday to investigate a report of a meth lab operating at the home. Noticing an odor coming from the home, deputies called NET officers to help with the investigation. After obtaining a warrant, NET officers searched the home.

Metts said officers noticed a surveillance camera system was transmitting live video on a TV set in the living room. Metts said officers also found meth and marijuana in the home.

The meth lab was disabled and the chemicals were cleaned up.







  1. tony bettis says:

    Sadly. husband of Konni, father of Robert, jr. was busted for the same thing in 2008. Little quality “father and son” time ahead in the SCDOC ???????????

  2. Robert Eric Owens Jr. says:

    Sadly Mr. or Mrs. Bettis, some people actually get charged for crimes that they are not guilty of. It was George Brinson’s house, and it was George Brinson’s lab. Yes I was with my mother, but her and I were homeless at the time, and I went where she went. Although I was just an addict trying to get high, I, of everyone arrested, pled guilty to the charge. I’ve been out and clean for over a year now, and surprisingly, so is my dad. Things are not always cut and dry, my friend. No pun intended