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BANGKOK, 28 July 2013 Three men have been arrested in Chiang Mai Province with 100,000 pills of methamphetamine while they were trying to smuggle the drugs into Bangkok and its vicinity. 

Drug suppression police arrested 3 men in front of a school in Mae Ai District of Chiang Mai. These men were caught smuggling 100,000 methamphetamine pills. After a quick interrogation, one of the smugglers named Somchai Somjai, 25, confessed that he was acting as a delivery man who would pick up the drugs in the border area and deliver them to the other 2 men who were waiting in Mae Ai District, where all the 3 men were nabbed.

According to the police, the drugs were to be kept in Chiang Mai before being picked up by a drug network member, who would then smuggle them into Bangkok and its vicinity. In return, the suspects would receive 10,000 baht each for the delivery.

The police have charged them with possession of narcotics.



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