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ST. JOHN’S COUNTY, Fla. — Police responded to a suspicious vehicle report on July 29 around 6:30 a.m.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office police found a male and female in possession of an active “one pot meth lab” with several instruments used in the production of methamphetamines.

According to SJCSO police reports, a green Nissan Xterra was backing out of an empty overgrown lot at 2661 Juarez Avenue, and when Deputy T. Evans drove up behind it with his spotlight on, the driver immediately put his hands outside his window.

Christina Spivey, 32

John Stone, 30



Evans approached the vehicle, and noticed a marijuana pipe in plain view on the dash, according to his report. Upon asking the female passenger to exit the vehicle, he saw what he believed to be an active meth lab, based on his training and experience.

Evans witnessed a clear soda bottle with an unknown liquid and lithium strips bubbling on the passenger floorboard, according to his report.

Both suspects, John Stone, 30, and Christina Spivey, 32, were detained and separated for further investigation. The Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team and the Special Investigation Unit were notified and responded to process the scene.

It was revealed that Stone was wanted in Jacksonville on outstanding warrants and in an attempt to not “catch another charge,” according to Evans’ report. Stone called him over and spit a white baggie out onto the ground in front of Evans and Deputy D. Christie.

Evans field tested the white powder substance in the bag, and it was positive for methamphetamine, the release detailed.

The “one pot meth lab” was removed from the vehicle and the St. John’s County Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team disassembled the lab and field tested the bottle with the fluid, which tested positive for methamphetamine.

The team also processed the metal pipe from the dash with residue, pipe cutters, a black lock box, a red funnel, salt in a plastic jug, lithium batteries, ammonia pellets in a plastic bag, unknown residue in a coffee filter, unknown pills in a cigarette pack, a clear baster, two tubes with residue and scissors, all found in the vehicle, according to Detective R. Smith’s report.

Local DNA Index System swabs were taken from a bottle of sulfuric acid, Coleman fuel, and an unknown powder in a white bottle. Each suspect also consented to a LODIS swab, and their fingerprints were taken.

The team was decontaminated by Fire/Rescue Personnel and removed from their suits. All the hazardous chemicals and materials were photographed and properly disposed of.

Post Miranda, Stone admitted that he had been “cooking” meth and the bottle located in his vehicle was the vessel he had utilized. He also admitted that the substance in the plastic baggy that had been in his mouth was methamphetamine, according to Smith’s report.

Spivey stated that she has purchased pseudoephedrine several times in the past month “so John could make meth”, according to Smith’s report. She stated in her affidavit that she was bringing her boyfriend the ingredient and knew he was going to manufacture methamphetamine.

According to Evans’ report, Spivey bought the materials because she was afraid of Stone, who allegedly abused her and she stated that she asked Stone not to bring any materials in the vehicle. Stone told Evans that everything in the vehicle was his and that she had nothing to do with it.

Stone and Spivey were arrested and transported to the county jail. They were charged with second degree felony of production of methamphetamine, first degree felony of possession of methamphetamine and second degree felony of distribution of listed chemical for manufacture.



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