Brooks Co, GA – It’s the biggest drug bust in Brooks County, Georgia in at least 30 years.

Brooks County Deputies arrested 70 year old Clarence Edmondson for suspicion of cooking methamphetamine on his property on Moultrie Highway, just outside Quitman city limits, until Deputies put a stop to it Monday afternoon.

They say Edmondson is the meth king pin of Brooks County. His arrest will choke off the supply to smaller drug dealers in the area.

“It spreads out to who they’re distributing to and it branches out from there. But when you cut off the main supply, you cut off all these other little branches also,” said Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey.

Neighbors we talked to said they never suspected any of this was going on. Edmondson is a landlord for several surrounding properties, including for Daphney Walker’s sister.

“He’s very nice. The times I’ve seen him he’s always waving. Very sweet,” said Walker.

Edmondson is in the Brooks County Jail. He’s charged with several felonies including conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth. He has been denied bond.




 Brooks Co. sees biggest ever Meth bust

QUITMAN, GA (WALB) – The biggest meth bust Brooks County investigators have ever seen landed a convicted felon behind bars.

It took multiple agencies two days to pack up the elaborate meth operation that was all housed in old hog barns.

Officials say this is the biggest operation they’ve ever seen. And the man taking all the heat, 70-year-old Clarence Edmondson, who was once convicted of trafficking marijuana.

Neighbor Daphney Walker says he’s a well known land owner in the area, and her landlord. “I was shocked, very shocked, surprised. And then to find out actually who was involved, the rent man, that’s just really scary right now.”

DEA agents, and a clandestine lab task force out of Atlanta removed multiple 500 gallon tanks of chemicals and many other cooking materials. Brooks Co. Sheriff Mike Dewey called this “One of the largest that I’ve ever even heard of.”

Dewey says they now have the area’s major supplier of meth out of the business. “He was putting a lot of meth out there on the streets.”

Dewey says they’ve had their eye on Edmondson for years but only when a recent detailed tip came in were they able to get a search warrant. And During the raid Monday afternoon they found Edmondson working inside one of his barns.




Edmondson is charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth, possession of meth, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Officials say more charges are pending and more arrests may be coming. Edmondson is in the Brooks County jail without bond.


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