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POLICE suspect an explosion in a Sydney garage, which left two men in a critical condition, may have been triggered by an active drub lab. Emergency services rescued two men, aged 37 and 40, from the burning building at Barden Ridge late Sunday. Both victims had suffered significant burns. They were placed in an induced […]

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The production of methamphetamine has seen drastic changes in the past five years. Although many people think of a scientific laboratory with kettles and beakers when they hear the term “meth lab,” Indiana State Police Trooper Rusty Slater says that is not at all what officers are seeing now on the streets. Rusty Slater   […]

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Trilogy Center for Women in Hopkinsville is celebrating five years of helping women kick substance abuse so they can transition back into healthy lifestyles. Heidi McCormack, 49, sits on campus at Western Kentucky University, where she is expected to graduate in May. Five years ago, McCormack was one of the first […]

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The most striking thing about the methamphetamine crisis in America can be seen by looking at a single map. Meth isn’t a big city problem. Most drugs have been associated with urban life — acid in San Francisco, Prohibition in Chicago, cocaine in the New York nightclubs of the 80s. But meth is a completely […]

Comments Off on Oxnard man, Rodrigo Jasso Ortiz, 36, busted for Methamphetamine, loaded rifles outside Fillmore bar

FILMORE, Calif. (KABC) — A 36-year-old Oxnard man was arrested for possessing two loaded rifles and an ounce of methamphetamine Friday. Rodrigo Jasso Ortiz was arrested in the parking lot of the Sespe Saloon located on the 200 block of A Street in Fillmore around 10 p.m. A law enforcement official performing a bar check […]

Comments Off on Cantonment Man, William John Hubner, Jr. age 56, Busted For DUI, Methamphetamine On I-110; The Florida Highway Patrol said Hubner was manufacturing and selling Methamphetamine out of his vehicle

 Cantonment man was arrested after a Florida Highway Patrol trooper found him stopped on I-110 with meth and a meth how-to book. William John Hubner, Jr. age 56, was charged with DUI, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, manufacture and distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substances without prescriptions. Hubner was […]

Comments Off on Columbus police make major Methamphetamine bust Sunday on Edgewater Drive; Jessica Parsons, 31, and Bradford Ford, 38, of Columbus, arrested

An investigation lasting several months has culminated in two arrests and the seizure of what Capt. Gil Slouchick of the Columbus Police Department called Sunday a “significant” amount of methamphetamine. Slouchick, commander of the department’s special operations unit, said the 2.91 pounds of methamphetamine is one of largest seizures he can recall here and that […]

Comments Off on Argus 911: South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper and a Rapid City Police officer treated for exposure to Methamphetamine-making chemicals during traffic stop

South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper and a Rapid City Police officer were treated for exposure to chemicals after a traffic stop that led to drug-related charges for two people. The trooper stopped to check on a suspicious vehicle off of West SD 44 on Saturday night, according to the Highway Patrol. Drug activity was observed […]

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NEW CASTLE — Housing Authority of Lawrence County’s trespassing list might have been crucial in cracking a methamphetamine lab that, according to police, operated in a county housing complex. County authorities filed operating a methamphetamine laboratory and illegal dumping of methamphetamine waste, and other offenses Thursday against Richard Baynes, 20, of 3665 Needles Highway, Laughlin, […]

Comments Off on Former policewoman, Andrea Waldeck, 43, found with Methamphetamine in Indonesia tried to stop family finding out she faced the death sentence

Ex-Gloucestershire community policewoman  Andrea Waldeck is facing execution for smuggling drugs into  Indonesia She was arrested in April after tip off  to police The 43-year-old has revealed she could  not bear to let loved ones in Britain find out she may face the firing  squad A former community policewoman facing  execution for smuggling drugs into […]

Comments Off on Tennessee’s war on Methamphetamine is being lost – badly; Drug use is getting worse, even with registry and law enforcement crackdown

There is no entertainment value in it, but the state of Tennessee’s ability to get meth under control is breaking bad. In television’s acclaimed drama series of that name, it’s the ex-schoolteacher antihero who has gone to the dark side because of his health and personal crises; here in the real world, it’s the system […]

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Nexafed, a tamper-resistant dosage form of the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine, has been shown to be pharmacokinetically equivalent to Sudafed brand of the same nasal decongestant. These data, referred to in my December article on Nexafed, have now been published in the peer-reviewed journal, The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.                          The authors include […]

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Calexico, California – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Calexico downtown port of entry Monday discovered approximately $110,000 worth of methamphetamine concealed inside a hidden compartment built into the undercarriage of a vehicle. Shortly before 8 a.m. on September 23rd, CBP officers encountered a 2001 Volkswagen Passat, driven by a 27-year-old male […]

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FARGO — Federal court officials have released documents accusing 13 people in a methamphetamine conspiracy that resulted in the overdose deaths of two people from the Dakotas. Brock Fish, of Bismarck, is the only defendant named in all six counts of the indictment. He’s charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs resulting in death and intent […]

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IN 2000, Neil Mellor was working for a drug crisis information service in Victoria when he fielded a call from a distraught mother being terrified by her daughter’s boyfriend. The young man was experiencing a violent episode and the woman feared for the safety of herself and her loved ones. “He had gone psychotic and […]

Comments Off on Man, 51, Severely Burned in House Fire in southern Clinton County. Methamphetamine Lab Present

DeWITT TWP – Police suspect that methamphetamine was being cooked in a home that was destroyed by fire in southern Clinton County Thursday morning. The fire happened shortly before 6 A.M. at a home in the 1000 block of Meadownlawn Avenue. Police say the 51-year-old man renting the home was taken to the hospital with […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine lab discovered just off putting green at the Donaldson Golf Club in Greenville County

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A Greenville County golf club was evacuated Thursday after golfers found meth in a wooded area near the course. It happened at the Donaldson Golf Club, which is a public course, on Perimeter Road. Just off the golf cart path, close to the fourth green, Harold  Alexander said he and his golfing buddy […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine bust site housed ‘dangerous’ chemicals, 17 pit bulls; Christine Seymour, 36, Steven A. Malpass, 48, Sybil Batchelor, 57, and Jack Ames II, 32, arrested

Jacksonville police arrested four suspects in connection with operating a meth lab after police learned suspects were buying a “suspicious” amount of materials used to manufacture the drug, according to a press release by Jacksonville Public Safety Spokeswoman Beth Purcell. The four suspects face the same charges: three counts of possession and distribution of meth […]

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ASHTABULA — A 28-year-old Ashtabula woman was arrested Thursday after law enforcement officials received information of her possible involvement in manufacturing methamphetamine. Maria Wooten, of 1627 W. 19th St. Apt. A, was arraigned Friday afternoon in Ashtabula Mun-icipal Court. She was charged with two counts of illegal manufacture of drugs or cultivation      of methamphetamine, according […]

Comments Off on Chatham-Kent police arrest 28 suspects, lay more than 100 charges in five-month Methamphetamine and fentanyl drug probe

Chatham-Kent police Intelligence Unit have arrested 28 people and seized a quantity of drugs including methamphetamine and fentanyl during a five-month investigation. The accused face over 100 charges including possession and trafficking controlled substances, weapons charges and obstructing police.       Officers used seven drug warrants to search various residences throughout Chatham-Kent during what […]

Comments Off on Breaking Bad by the Numbers: Impact of Methamphetamine Use on the U.S. Economy

The hit AMC series Breaking Bad highlights the sad  but true reality of alcohol and drug abuse, portraying an  industry often filled with desperate people who commit increasingly desperate  acts. Unfortunately, rampant meth use in the United States not only destroys the  lives of addicts and their families, but the greater U.S. economy as well. […]

Comments Off on Local Law Enforcement Train to Clean Up Methamphetamine Labs in Plain Dealing

Plain Dealing, LA – Local law enforcement agencies in our area participated in a week’s worth of training geared at preparing them for encountering meth labs. Jake Kelton is a meth lab trainer for police, deputies, and firefighters. He says it’s key that local law enforcement know what to do when they come across a meth […]

Comments Off on Walton County Woman, Jamie Sheldon Burke, 35, Arrested After Walton County Sheriff’s Deputies Found her Making Methamphetamine in a shed on the property

A Vernon woman is facing charges after officers found her at her home making meth, according to Walton County Sheriff’s Department. On Thursday, deputies responded to 80 Boonie Lane in Vernon, in response to a complaint of an individual manufacturing methamphetamine in a shed.   Once on scene, investigators located Jamie Sheldon Burke, 35, in a […]

Comments Off on Ashley M. Stewart, 23, of Guys Mills, and Devanie M. Coudriet, 32, of Saegertown charged, children injured in latest Methamphetamine lab bust in Erie County

EDINBORO — Officials with the Erie County Office of Children and Youth, accompanied by Pennsylvania State Police, were checking out a mobile home in a small park off Route 99 in Washington Township when they were overcome by a “heavy chemical odor” inside, police said. The odor, and the discovery of suspicious items inside, led […]

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The series finale of the TV show “Breaking Bad” airs this Sunday (Sept. 29). For five years, viewers have watched Walter White’s descent from mild-mannered chemistry teacher to drug kingpin as he manufactures methamphetamine. The synthesis of methamphetamine, seen here in its crystal form, leaves behind long-lasting hazards   Although the show depicts the bizarre […]