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A Los Angeles man is behind bars after the Springfield office of the Drug Enforcement Administration says he brought four pounds of methamphetamine through the Springfield-Branson National Airport.

The man, Oscar Orlando Hernandez, 21, is charged with the Class A felony of trafficking in the second degree in Greene County court.

Oscar Orlando Hernandez, 21,

Oscar Orlando Hernandez, 21






The case began, court documents say, when Springfield DEA officers got a tip out of Nashville that Hernandez would be arriving at a local airport with a large quantity of meth.

Officers staked out the terminal at the airport on Tuesday and saw Hernandez arrive. But he left the airport without a bag, court documents say.

An officer talked to an airline employee, who said Hernandez’s bag had not arrived on the correct plane. It was expected on the next American Airlines flight that evening, court documents said.

When Hernandez’s bag did arrive, officers got permission to use a drug dog. According to the probable cause statement in the case, the dog alerted to drugs inside of the bag with Hernandez’s name and phone number on the luggage tag.

Later that evening, Hernandez returned to the airport and retrieved the bag, the probable cause statement said. Officers then stopped him, identifying themselves as police.

“I asked Hernandez (if) the bag he was carrying was his. Hernandez initially said it was not his bag. I asked if his name was Oscar Hernandez and he stated it was. I explained the bag had a name tag with the name Oscar Hernandez written on it. Hernandez then stated the bag belong to him,” the probable cause statement said.

Hernandez eventually told officers, the court documents said, that he knew there was something illegal inside the bag, but not what it was. He told officers he was just handed the bag.

He gave officers permission to search the bag, court documents said. Inside, officers found two heat-sealed bags of meth covered with electrical tape, dryer sheets, grease and coffee grounds, the probable cause statement said.

Prosecutors have asked that Hernandez be held on a $250,000 bond. If he is released, prosecutors have asked a judge to require GPS monitoring, noting that he is a “huge flight risk” due to the severity of the charge and the fact that he has no ties to the area.

Hernandez remains in Greene County Jail.



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