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(TeleManagement) Unborn babies may be at risk of serious health risks if their mothers to be have a habit of doing methamphetamine.
This is not a shocking finding, and just supports many other studies that suggest that doing drugs during a pregnancy can greatly damage the unborn child.

This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Hawaii. Researchers analyzed the brains of toddlers between 3 and 4 years of age, whose mothers had done meth during their pregnancies.
They compared these results with the brains of toddlers of the same age whose mothers had not done the drug during their pregnancy.

The researchers noted that in the brains of the children whose moms had done the drug, there was damage in the white matter of the brain, responsible for transmitting messages. Tthis is the first study to prove that damage from drug use by the mother can effect the undeveloped brain of the offspring in this way.

“Methamphetamine use is an increasing problem among women of childbearing age, leading to an increasing number of children with prenatal meth exposure,”



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