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Firefighters found a small building completely involved when they arrived on the scene just northeast of 11th and Peoria just after 4:00 AM Wednesday morning.


Neighbors told KRMG news they aren’t surprised the small shack burned and they think they know why.

“It’s an old meth house, I’ve been calling for two years on it now trying to get it to stop,” one said.

Firefighters can’t confirm that but they admit it wouldn’t surprise them.

“A lot of our vacant buildings, people get in there and do the shake and bake method but we haven’t found any evidence of that yet.”

But there was evidence of someone having been inside. “It does have some romex laid on the ground from an adjacent electric meter,” they began.

“It’s possible someone was bootlegging electric into it and possibly staying in there.”

Because the structure was a complete loss firefighters are still looking through the ruins to check for any injuries.

“There was a lot of damage but we’re in there right now turning everything over to make sure,” we were told.




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