One man has been arrested and is facing charges after a chilling seizure in Placentia yesterday. RCMP say a quantity of what they believe to be methamphetamines was removed from a home in the area. Constable Robert Ryan says they seized a quantity of pills stamped with the words ‘Ice’ and ‘Dentyne Ice’, which are know street names for the highly addictive drug. Ryan says the seizure concerns police because the drug is so devastating.

He says once a person becomes addicted, they’re more likely to resort to property crime in order to support their addiction.

Of particular concern to police is the fact that the pills resemble pieces of gum. Constable Ryan says it’s important for parents, and educators to know what it looks like.

A 64 year-old Placentia man is scheduled to appear in court January 29th on charges of trafficking.



  1. Dawn says:

    hang him by the neck!!!