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“MY name is Walter White and I am a meth cook. For ten years I had the best meth in Alabama.”

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WALTER WHITE: The real Walter White and Breaking Bad’s Walter White 


These are the words of the real-life Walter White from Bessemer, Alabama.

In 2008, when the popular TV drama Breaking Bad broke on to screens around the world, Walter White was already a known name in the heart of the American south’s drugs trade.

From 1988, the drug maker who shares the same name with the main character in the 10-time Emmy award winning TV show was cooking and selling metamphetamine across his own county.

In a video documentary with VICE online, White, 55, explained the ups and downs of his adventure into drugs.

Working with a partner, like Walter White in the show, he claims he made the purest meth around.


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COOK: Walter takes the VICE team around where he used to cook meth


“Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that I could go through that much money in one day. Several thousand, easy.”

Walter White

Living a double life from working through the day and cooking drugs through the night, Mr White told VICE how he made several thousands of dollars a day.

He said that the money making “meth” was outweighing the money labouring during the day.

“The sky was the limit,” he said.

“When you make it like that, it’s easy to spend, it’s just a different lifestyle. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that I could go through that much money in one day. Several thousand, easy.”

Unlike Walter White in the show, played by actor Bryan Cranston, real-life White was not dying of cancer and was not chased by his own brother in-law.

But like in the show, it was not an easy ride.

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MONEY: Walter made thousands of dollars each day   


White’s wife divorced him, as he began to lose touch with his family.

His eldest son told VICE how the family became distant from him because of his double life.

Like in the show, his lawyer advised him to stop cooking meth because the authorities were investigating his activity in 2008.

His partner, Sammy, continued to work and was arrested by the police several times.

White later went back into making drugs in another county until he was finally arrested.

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FAMILY: Walter with his child when he was ‘happy’ 

After to failing to appear in court, he was jailed with a $2 million bond placed on his release.
He was placed on the top of state’s Most Wanted List.

If convicted of his crimes, Walter could be put in prison for the rest of his life.

“If i have to go to prison, I won’t be hurting anybody but myself this time.

“It’s just me answering up to the things I’ve done.

“My family – they’ve got jobs and lives – I won’t be hurting this time.”

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