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Tarakan. A police officer was caught using methamphetamine in the company of a prostitute on Wednesday night in North Kalimantan’s North Tarakan subdistrict, police said.

“This [arrest] was made because of a public report that [the officer] had just finished using crystal meth accompanied by a prostitute,” Sarif said. “But the urine test of the prostitute was negative, so J.N. consumed it himself.”

The officer, who has only been identified as Brig. J.N., was discovered in Sungai Bengawan, an area known for prostitution. He allegedly tested positive for meth and police found a smoking implement and matches on his person.


“Actually, the suspect has twice tested positive for using crystal meth,” Sarif said.

In addition to Wednesday’s bust, he tested positive in an unannounced departmental drug test and a smoking device was found in his house. Police did not say whether he had been arrested after those discoveries.

In 2013, three police officers have been arrested for using drugs in Tarakan, including W.H. who was found guilty of drug use by the Tarakan district court and sentenced to three months in prison.

Sarif said that many people in the community were victims of drug use, including in law enforcement.






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