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MABLETON — After responding to dozens of calls on reports of drug manufacturing and harboring fugitives at one Mableton residence throughout 2013, Cobb police arrested the home owner on charges of maintaining a disorderly house.

Kinsey Charles Edward, 65, was arrested  Dec. 7 by Cobb police on a misdemeanor charge and released a few days later on a $5,000 bond.

According to the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s office, Edward is the owner of a three-bedroom ranch home built in 1979 on Oak Hills Road, less than a mile northeast from Mableton Elementary School and South Cobb Regional Library.

According to police reports, in 2013 Cobb police responded 39 times to that location for various calls.

According to a warrant, police found methamphetamine inside the house on Feb. 11. Fourteen days later, an arrest was made at the home on charges of possession of methamphetamine and Xanax, as well as simple battery, according to Cobb police.

“Eleven arrests have been made at the residence with charges varying from simple assault to sales of methamphetamine,” the warrant stated.

On April 24, an arrest was made on two outstanding warrants, which was the second time a wanted person had been apprehended at the home, the police report stated. There were 10 other attempts to locate wanted persons at the home in 2013, according to Cobb Police.

“It is commonly used to harbor fugitives,” the warrant stated.

The last call

Multiple police and fire units from around Cobb County were called to the house on Dec. 6, which became a hazmat incident that required further investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Cobb Fire spokeswoman Denell Boyd said it did not take long to put out the house fire, but about 10 Cobb Fire vehicles with 22 responders remained at the scene because of a strong chemical smell.

At the time, Boyd said she could not confirm the house was a meth lab, “but it all points to looking that way.”

The incident resulted in the street being evacuated for five hours based on the chemical odor coming from the smoke.

“These incidents have disturbed orderly citizens and the tranquility of the neighborhood,” and even become a danger and hazard to the area, the warrant stated.

According to Cobb police, Edward, who was listed on the arrest record as having a scar from a gunshot wound on his abdomen and a scar on his neck, confessed to the police that people living in his house make and use methamphetamine.


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