Police have just released dramatic video of an Easter incident in which an allegedly drugged-out Haamid Ade Zaid, 33, of San Jose, California, crashed his red Oldsmobile Cutlass into the doors of a Wal-Mart and drove through the store before jumping out and bludgeoning four people with a metal object. He was wrestled to the ground and held by security and angry shoppers.


Zaid is charged with two counts attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of felony vandalism. Though only four people were injured, one was seriously injured, and police are hoping that the release of this video will help them identify more witnesses, specifically anyone who had to dive out of the way of the rampaging Zaid.

Unfortunately for him, this just another in a string of five meth-related arrests in the last two years. Most of the others involved misdemeanor offenses. For example, on July 8, 2011, and again on January 21, 2012, a terrified, “paranoid” and “hallucinating” Zaid, according to police, called 911 allegedly high on meth and got himself arrested both times. Again on  October 12, 2012, he threw a chair through the window of an Irish pub at about 2 a.m., and on Valentine’s Day 2012, Zaid  was arrested for  being under the influence of drugs and providing false information to a peace officer after standing in the middle of a street in Campbell, California, and “aggressively approaching passing vehicles,” according to police.

In December 2012, however, just four months before the Easter incident, Zaid reportedly blew through a red light, broadsided another vehicle and kept going until he smashed his car through the doors of a gas-station convenience store and drove on in “destroying several food/beverage stands (and) missing two employees inside the building,” according to the police report.







  1. KC says:

    Wow. Just wow. How terrifying! Let’s hope he doesn’t drive himself to court . . .