Comments Off on Fire Investigation Leads to Methamphetamine Drug Arrests of Tracy Perez and Pablo Perez in Kearney

The Kearney Police and Fire departments continue to investigate a house fire that took place Sunday night on the 1700 Block of Avenue C.

During their investigation police said they found glass pipes and syringes. Officials said these items would test positive for methamphetamine.


Tracy Perez and Pablo Perez, who were living in the house, were arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Kearney Police Captain Mike Kirkwood acknowledges there is a meth problem in the city.

Meth is in Kearney. Meth has been in Kearney for ten to twenty years. It’s strong. There’s a lot of methamphetamine in Hastings and Grand Island and it’s everywhere,” said Kirkwood.

Kirkwood adds the police continue to work with other agencies to fix the drug problem.

“We work with the courts, the drug courts, the county attorney office to get users off of it,” he said. “The dealers are the ones we want. They’re the ones we want to put in jail.”

Tracy and Pablo Perez are not believed to be dealers, according to police. They are currently both are being held in Buffalo County Jail on a $3,000 bond.



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